INTRACONNEX (Industrial Trade Conference and Exhibition) Medan – North Sumatra – Indonesia is Industrial Exhibition, Seminar, and Conference organized by PT. Hutan Gaya Indonesia (member of International Network Group). Medan city as Capital of North Sumatra Province is the third largest city in Indonesia. Medan city has very strategic position due to Belawan port at Malacca Strait as entrance gate for tourism and business trading both domestic and international. That’s why Medan city plays role as Gate of West Indonesia region.

Industry sector is one of main economy sector in Medan City and North Sumatra Province. It is based on fact that there are many industries in Medan city and other cities in North Sumatra Province. Medan city is also very supported by infrastructures for industry like well-managed and modern industry cluster. Industrial potency of Medan has been attracting many countries to invest, such as : Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Philippines, German, Swiss, Yemen, etc.

Industrial field in Medan and other cities in North Sumatra Province :

  • Cold Storage (seafood)
  • Plastics, Packaging, Printing industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Animal Feed Industry
  • Pipe Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Building Materials Industry (zinc, nails, concrete, etc)
  • Ceramic (Tile) Industry
  • Palm Oil Downstream Industries (CPO-Based)
  • Gloves Industry
  • Ice industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry (Candy, Noodle, Biscuits, Ice Cream, Snack, Syrup, etc)
  • Machinery and Tool Manufacture
  • Essential Oil Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • etc
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