Founder of International Network Group

Pindi Kisata, S.Kom
Pindi Kisata, S.KomFounder

History of International Network Group

The company is evolved from an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) support system that was formed to protect and bring its member to success. The support system was named INTERNATIONAL NETWORK ( IN ) with Pindi Kisata as its leader.

In order to bring the organization to a higher level, in 18 May 2006 the organization evolved into a company. The new company choose advertising as the main business.

With only a piece of paper as the model of the new founded directory, all staffs move in unison with full confident offering the clients to advertise in their directory.

With hardwork comes success, on 2007 around 700 to 1000 companies already become International Network clients.

The company is still growing in this day.